Your New Favorite Animal: Numbats!

Allow me to introduce the sweetest li’l secret on this fine earth: the NUMBAT. These endangered little marsupials are Australian, adorable, useful (they eat as many as 20,000 termites per day!), and they are also known as Walpurti. Walpurti!

1. This is a numbat

2. Hand-raising baby numbats at the Perth Zoo

3. Baby numbats

7. Young adult numbats

8. Collared numbat

9. Sassy prance you got there, numbat!

10. They always seem to have one little paw in the air

16. Loungin’ numbat

17. Numbats standing on branches

20. Numbats play-fighting

21. Numbat stare-down

22. Curious numbats

26. Love You, Numbats!

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