You’ll Never Guess What Fortune Magazine’s Top 10 "Great Things About America" Are

FORTUNE Magazine has scientifically figured out what the greatest things in America are… Can you guess?!

1. We just received this email alerting us to FORTUNE’s new, definitive list “cataloging the best things about America.”

2. Try to predict what #10 could be…


3. Hmm. What could the 9th greatest thing about America be?

5. Starting to get the idea? Got something in mind for #7?


6. Well, at least you’ll easily be able to know what the #6 greatest thing about America is…

Getty Images

7. Didn’t get that one? Try guessing #5.


8. Hmm. What’s #4, then?

DC Comics

9. What’s the third greatest thing about America, guys? Let’s all say it together:

Getty Images

10. Okay — you’ll definitely be able to get #2! Go ahead and guess…

Getty Images

11. And what’s the NUMBER ONE single greatest thing about America, according to FORTUNE?!


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