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You Need Marnie The Dog In Your Life Right Now

This dog is life-changing and you should start following her on Instagram at this moment and never look back. She's even friends with Miley!

Meet Marnie.

She is a shih-tzu living in New York.

She is EXTREMELY fashionable.

Like, she can pull off anything.

I wish I could pull off this look, but Marnie nails it.

I mean, just look at her runway strut!

And she is beauty-conscious as well.

She has excellent taste in literature.

But doesn't eschew the joys of the internet, either.

Marnie is excellent at relaxing.

She hangs out with celebrities such as Lil Pete (Danny Tamberelli).

And Hannibal Buress!

And Sky Ferreira!

Marnie has great taste in music(ians). Here she is with Mac DeMarco.

Oh, and did I mention she is friends with Miley too?

She drinks responsibly.

But she loves to party!

All she wants is your love and affection.

And likes.

Marnie makes friends everywhere she goes.

She is just 2 cool 2 b 4gotten.

Won't you let her into your life?

Follow Marnie on Instagram and make her part of your life.

Admit it: you need her.