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Yang Hak-Seon Wins Hearts And South Korea's First Gymnastics Gold

South Korea's Yang Hak-Seon won the gold in the Men's Vaulting Final on Monday -- the first Gymnastics gold medal for South Korea, ever. Yang is only nineteen years old, he has a vault named after him, he performed one of the best moments of gymnastics in these Olympics, AND he is super cute.

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His signature move and one of the two vaults he performed to win gold is called "The Yang," because he invented it... He has said that his plans after the Olympics include adding another half twist to the already staggeringly difficult vault.


For winning South Korea it's very first Gymnastics gold, Yang is entitled to around $141,700 in prize money: 60 million from the government, and another 100 million from the Korea Gymnastic Association. He once said his dream was to “win gold and build a house for my parents, who live in a vinyl greenhouse.”

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