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Which '90s Dreamboat Is Your Valentine?

You taped their photos to your wall, dreamt of meeting them someday, bought Teen Beat just for their pictures... and now that you're grown up and ready for love, it's time to take this quiz to figure out which one of your teen idols was truly the one.

  1. Who's your favorite member of the Babysitter's Club?

  2. What meal would you like to have on your big date?

  3. Who was your childhood style icon?

  4. Which of these dogs is the cutest?

  5. Which of these book series was your fave as a kid?

  6. Which newfangled technology do you use to flirt?

  7. Which of these '90s jams would you want to hear dedicated to you on the radio?

  8. Classic movie date night: which one do you want to watch?

  9. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

  10. Where's your honeymoon gonna be someday?

  11. Which of these '90s cartoons was your absolute favorite?

  12. What one gift would you be most excited to receive from your valentine?

  13. Which current teen idol reminds you most of your tween crushes?

  14. Pick a mouth.

  15. Which weird '90s couple do you wish was still together?

  16. Which one of these houses do you want to share with the love of your life?

  17. One word to describe your ideal partner:

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