What’s The Best YouTube Cover Of Your Favorite Song?

If you’re like me and you can’t choose a “favorite song” because of your musical commitment issues, just look at what your most played jam on iTunes or Spotify is and use that. Add the song’s best youtube video cover in the comments!

1. One of Barack Obama’s favorite songs

Ready or Not - The Fugees, covered by Josh Osho & Fem Fel.

2. One of Mitt Romney’s favorite songs

Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash, covered by Hayley Legg

3. Emma Stone’s favorite song

Blacbird - The Beatles, covered by Noah

Fun fact: Emma Stone and her mom have matching Blackbird tattoos that were designed by Paul McCartney himself!

4. Benedict Cumberbatch’s favorite song

Sweet Thing - Van Morrison, covered by Matt Williams

Fun fact: Benedict Cumberbatch is perfect!

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