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What Level Texan Are You?

If God blessed Texas, how blessed are you?

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  1. 1. Check everything you can answer "yes" to:

    Have you seen the Marfa lights?
    ... been to Big Bend National Park?
    ... camped out at Big Bend?
    ... been to Amarillo by morning?
    ... been to the Houston Rodeo?
    ... been to the State Fair of Texas?
    ... walked on the Riverwalk in San Antonio?
    ... been to SXSW in Austin?
    ... visited the Texas State Capitol?
    ... seen the Alamo?
    ... visited NASA in Houston?
    Been to a Dallas Mavericks home game?
    ... San Antonio Spurs?
    ... Houston Rockets?
    Been to a Texas Rangers game?
    ... Houston Astros?
    Did you ever go to the ASTRODOME?
    Have you ever seen the Dallas Cowboys at home?
    Been to a Houston Texans game?
    What about the Houston OILERS?
    Were you born in Texas?
    Did you grow up in Texas?
    Did you go to college in Texas?
    Do you live in Texas now?
    Have you had Blue Bell ice cream?
    Is there Blue Bell ice cream in your freezer right now?
    Have you had Salt Lick Bar-B-Que?
    ... What about Franklin's?
    ... Snow's, in Lexington?
    ... Pecan Lodge, in Dallas?
    ... City Meat Market in Giddings?
    ... Virgie's Bar-B-Que in Houston?
    ... Cooper's in Llano?
    Have you had queso?
    Do you believe that real chili doesn't have beans?
    Have you ever had fried okra?
    What about chicken fried steak?
    ... King Ranch casserole?
    ... Kolaches?
    ... Pecan pralines?
    Do you prefer frozen margaritas to regular ones?
    Have you been swimming at Barton Springs?
    ... Hamilton pool?
    ... Balmorhea State Park pool?
    ... Rio Frio at Garner State Park?
    Have you been to the Galveston beach?
    ... Corpus Christi?
    ... Port Aransas?
    Have you eaten at Gaido's in Galveston?
    ... Hugo's in Houston?
    ... Fajitas at Ninfa's in Houston?
    ... Patillo's in Beaumont?
    ... El Fenix in Dallas?
    ... Czech Stop in West?
    ... Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls?
    ... Fonda San Miguel in Austin?
    ... Uchi in Austin?
    ... Mi Tierra in San Antonio?
    ... Biga on the Banks in San Antonio?
    Have you ever ridden a horse?
    Have you ever played Chicken Shit Bingo?
    Have you been to a show at Emo's in Austin?
    Been to see music down in Deep Ellum in Dallas?
    Gone to see a local band in Denton?
    Been to McGonigal's Mucky Duck in Houston?
    Been to Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth?
    Have you been to Gruene Hall?
    Have you ever seen George Strait in concert?
    ... What about Willie Nelson?
    ... Have you been to the Willie Nelson Fourth of July picnic?
    ... seen Beyonce?
    ... seen Joe Ely?
    ... Nanci Griffith?
    ... Roky Erickson?
    ... The Butthole Surfers?
    ... Spoon?
    ... Jimmie Dale Gilmore?
    ... Geto Boys?
    ... Waylon Jennings?
    Do you own any Selena records?
    ... Janis Joplin albums?
    ... Buddy Holly?
    ... DJ Screw?
    Have you ever seen "Dazed & Confused"?
    ... "Slacker"?
    Were you IN either of those movies?
    Did you ever see "Friday Night Lights" filming?
    Did you play football or cheerlead in high school?
    Have you ever posed in a field of bluebonnets?
    Have you ever been to Schlitterbahn?
    ... had a season pass to Schlitterbahn?
    Have you ever seen Matthew McConaughey shirtless IRL?
    Have you ever smoked pot with Willie Nelson?
    Have you met George Bush, Jr. or Sr.?
    What about Ann Richards?
    Do you speak Spanish?
    Do you know how to make a good breakfast taco?
    Do you know how to two-step?
    Have you ever been to a street dance?
    Do you say y'all?!?!

What Level Texan Are You?

GET YOURSELF TO TEXAS AND TRY SOME PECAN PIE. You need some more Texas in your life, kiddo.

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