Welcome To The New United Socialist Paradise States Of America

Ch-ch-ch-changes. With key electoral wins and ballot initiatives, the hippies are taking over.

1. Barack Obama elected with what looks to be the clearest re-election victory since Ronald Reagan

2. Beyonce’s Tumblr celebrated…

3. America has elected its first openly gay Senator, Tammy Baldwin

4. Todd Akin legitimately lost the Senate race in Missouri


5. Richard Mourdock, also notorious for his rape comments, ousted a longstanding Republican in the primary race… and lost the general election


6. Massachusetts elected its first female Senator, consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren

Gretchen Ertl / Reuters

She defeated incumbent Republican Scott Brown.

7. Same-sex marriage measures have passed in Maryland and Maine

Kevin P. Casey / AP

The first states in the nation to back same-sex marriage at the ballot box. Minnesota rejected a gay marriage ban. And Washington’s same sex marriage initiative is still close, and pending a final call.

8. Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational marijuana use

Caption on this Instagram photo: “#Colorado is the best. Roomies celebratin’ :)(: #wedidit #64 #history #jamessss #boulder”

9. America…

Our country is now in serious and unprecedented trouble...like never before.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

Our country is now in serious and unprecedented trouble…like never before.— Donald J. Trump

America died.

— Victoria Jackson (@vicjackshow)

America died.— Victoria Jackson

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