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21 Glimpses Into The Past That Prove Some Things Never Change

Waybackwhenstagram is a project by BuzzFeed's BFF that collects mysterious abandoned photos at estate sales and flea markets.

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These retro snapshots prove that some things — like friendship, family, and cute dogs — will always be.

1. Like the joy of squeezing into a photo with all your best friends.

2. Accidentally dressing the same as your significant other.

3. Dads falling asleep with the family dog after a big meal.

4. Being super excited when you get to spend a whole day with your dad.

5. Hipster boys in glasses getting into crafting.

6. Your dog stealing the show in every photo you take with her.

7. Taking photos with your friends so you'll remember this day forever.

8. Dressing up for a family portrait in the front yard.

9. And dressing up with your best friend for no real reason at all.

10. SELFIES (via photobooth).

11. Cats loving babies (because they're super warm).

12. Beer league donkeys?

Okay, maybe this one is unique to its time in history...

13. Trendy homesteading replete with chickens.

14. The look of love that everyone human gives a very cute puppy.

15. Getting blurry when you're in love.

17. Having twins days with your BFF.

18. Short bangs + best pals.

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