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    15 Photographs That Definitively Prove Puppies Have Always Been Adorable


    1. This fuzzy little fellow, taken in 1912.

    2. Two lovely sisters, taken in the '20s (approximate).

    3. This girl, her new best friend, and her snow shoes. Taken in 1926.

    4. A basket of delight! Taken in 1929.

    Getty Images / Fox Photos

    5. A bulldog (and two little bulldogs), taken in 1930.

    Getty Images / Express

    6. A loving dalmatian family in 1931.

    Getty Images / Fox Photos

    7. Look what's hiding in his coat! From 1931.

    Getty Images / Fox Photos

    8. Tea party for one, 1934.

    Getty Images / Fox Photos

    9. Showing off her best pal, taken in 1938.

    Getty Images / Fox Photos

    10. GOGGLES!! 1949.

    Getty Images / Harry Todd

    11. The cutest hat in the world, 1950.

    Getty Images / Express Newspapers

    12. Everybody all tucked in the sunshine, in 1953.

    Getty Images / Fred Morley

    13. Puppy squeezes!! Taken in 1955.

    Getty Images / Three Lions

    14. Two little Pekingese in the grass, 1955.

    Getty Images / Al Barry

    15. And that's a wrap! From 1958.

    Getty Images / Fox Photos

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