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How Many Of These Underrated '90s Movies Have You Seen?

If you've seen more than half of these, you were probably born before 1980 — and you were probably on a first name basis with the the popcorn guy at your local arthouse theater.

We all reference classic '90s movies like Clueless or Titanic constantly, but what about all the other movies we loved back then?

The other day I posed this question on Twitter, and the responses included so many great '90s flicks that I hadn't thought about in years...

What’s a movie most people haven’t seen that you’ve seen a bunch of times?

So I wrote down a bunch of the best responses and other movies I remembered, and now I'm SO curious: how many of these have you seen?

Had you thought about these movies in the last couple decades? Have you watched them recently? Do they hold up? Do you still have a VCR?

Most importantly: What did I miss?

Add your recommendations in the comments below!