Trippy New Swimsuits Feature Your Favorite Animals

FINALLY. From Mr. Gugu and Miss Go.

1. For kitten-lovers, some interesting pattern placement.

2. For those who prefer dogs, a beagle bandeau.

3. Feeling too shy for a bikini? This panda feels you.

4. For Australiaphiles, a koala who’s ready for his close-up.

5. The wild cheetah, channeling his inner Lisa Frank.

6. And an equally fabulous tiger one-piece.

7. They offer a more traditional animal PRINT as well.

8. But that’s boring. How about this giraffekini?

9. If you’d like something nice and gentle, how are frolicking lambs?

10. The crown jewel of the collection: a crazed cat wearing a bow-tie. Just what you’ve always wanted in swim wear!

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