Top 10 Most Touching Sitcom Moments

I dare you to get through these performances from the likes of Will Smith and Jonathan Taylor Thomas without tears. A Very Special Episode, indeed.

10. “Scrubs”

“Scrubs” was full of serious moments, but Carla’s goodbye to Laverne might be its best.

9. “Boy Meets World”

Shawn Hunter was a “very special episode,” personified.

8. “Designing Women”

The scene that cemented Julia Sugarbaker’s enshrinement in the Awesome Sister Hall of Fame.

7. “Home Improvement”

Please don’t die, JTT!

6. “Roseanne”

This show dealt with serious issues often, but this fight between Roseanne and John Goodman rings particularly true.

5. “Family Matters”

As hard as it may be to keep a straight face when Steve Urkel is onscreen, this moment manages to pack a one-two emotional punch to the gut.

4. “Archie Bunker’s Place”

After Edith Bunker passes away, Archie talks to her pink slipper alone in their bedroom. One of the most quietly moving scenes in sitcom history.

3. “Cheers”

This scene between Coach (RIP) and his daughter is a fail-proof tear machine.

2. “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

Is this Will Smith’s best acting performance ever?

1. “Futurama”

Fair warning: do not watch this scene from the end of the “Jurassic Bark” episode unless you want your day to be completely ruined.

Which scenes in sitcom history make you the weepiest? Add your own in the comments…

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