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This Year's 45 Most Lovable Baby Animal Pictures

Screen-toucher / skrēn-təCH-er / Noun. An animal picture so cute that you actually bring your hand to your computer screen as if you could touch it. Synonyms: heart-exploders, squee-kers, cute-bombs.

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42. Now, look at these two penguins. / Via

Penguins are often seen as one of the rare cases of an adult animal being cuter than their babies, but these two are out to prove conventional wisdom wrong and out-cute the competition.

39. And this is a brand-new elephant.

Adam Berry / Getty Images

He is covered in hay because hay is the fleece pajamas of the elephant world, and dude just wants to be comfortable.


36. This baby rhino cannot BELIEVE how rude you are.

Thomas Peter / Reuters

This is the look of shock that will inevitably be followed by grave disappointment. I hope you apologize for offending this little guy.


19. Listen, someone found this baby javelina orphaned at Big Bend State Park in Texas.

When it grows up, it will not be that cute, but let us live in this moment when it is shoe-sized and OMG lookit, those little hooves!

14. Oh good, here's a buoyant baby two-toed sloth!


I know exactly what to say about baby sloths: sglerhjgoerijwn<3bwitrbniergnjkwr<3engklrwebklwekhblhjkfbsrverg.betljnb<3<3<3ewfnwjf!!!!!!

10. This white tiger cub ain't got no time for that.

Petr Josek / Reuters

I hope at this point we've started to convince you that big-cat babies are the cutest things that this whole earth has to offer.

8. This baby walrus hopes that you all consider baby walruses the next time you're thinking about looking at pictures of baby animals.

Marc Lester/Anchorage Daily News/MCT

Because they are tactile, cuddly beings who love to hug and be hugged, and that, my friends, is the true meaning of squeeeeeeeeee.

5. May 2012 go down as the year that we all discovered echidna babies are called puggles

Tim Wimborne / Reuters

Which is probably the most important thing anyone has ever learned, ever, anywhere, in history.

1. And the absolute number-one most lovable baby animal of the year...

Mexico / Reuters this white lion who is literally staring straight into your eyes, past your soul, and is looking right into the very depths of your heart, where he is upending your most tightly kept secrets and insecurities and self-doubts and replacing them with a deep peace, honest warmth, and his love. All in a single picture! Baby animals are magic.

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