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The 29 Most Austin Things That Ever Happened

Keep Austin Perfect.

29. A Car2Go saying hello to this man riding a longhorn.

28. This sign.

27. Riding the jackalope at The Jackalope.

26. Learning to hook 'em at UT orientation, 1978.

25. G-string yoga.

24. This welcoming sign.

23. This creative solicitor.

22. Neil deGrasse Tyson attending the University of Texas in 1980.

21. This tag at Mount Bonnell.

20. This date spot.

19. Roky Erickson at Le Lollypop Club, 1965.

18. This Snapchat.

17. A werewolf playing violin and wearing a shirt that says "Party Girls Rock."

16. Ginny's rules.

15. This stolen bike flyer.

14. The pregnant lady keychains at Toy Joy.

13. When Ann Richards did a "No Talking" ad for The Alamo Drafthouse.

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Level of Austin-ness: Actually knowing Betty Blackwell.

12. The Texas Track Club, 1964.

11. This van.

10. The Hipster Trap.

9. Hank Hill + Horchata.

8. This Miata.

7. An Austin police officer hanging out with Grumpy Cat during SXSW.

6. Studying at the springs.

5. These T-shirts.

Level of Austin-ness: Making an elaborate diorama out of a brown paper bag for your Amy's Ice Cream job application.

4. This stoned tortoise at Peter Pan mini golf.

3. Darryl's statement of truth.

2. Ricky Williams teaching a yoga class.

1. And Leslie (RIP).