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The 50 Most Romantic Things That Ever Happened

This is what love looks like.

1. This song.

The Flamingos, "I Only Have Eyes For You."

(Play and keep scrolling.)

2. The first time someone wrote their names on this wall.

3. When this was written.

4. The invention of the photo booth.

5. Whenever she got these flowers.

6. When Joe loved Marilyn.

7. These wartime good-byes.

8. And this welcome home.

9. Love through the eyes of their grandchild.

10. When this kitten wore a surprise around his neck.

11. This puppy.

12. Every time someone kisses like this.

13. When Paul first saw Linda.

14. Isaac's proposal.

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15. The invention of dancing.

16. When Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams won "Best Kiss" at the MTV Movie Awards.

17. When this girl asked him to be her player two.

18. These two celebrating their 72nd Valentine's Day.

19. When these two lumberjacks got married.

20. The letters Ronald wrote to Nancy.

21. This wedding in China.

22. This box in her closet.

23. The invention of text messages.

24. When a powerful woman loves a powerful man.

25. This proposal.

26. Every song that reminds someone of the one they love.

27. Which leads to: the invention of the mixtape.

28. David's movie theater proposal.


29. When a prince marries his princess.

30. When she finds someone fit for a queen.


32. When she proposed with Scott Pilgrim's help

33. The 6,000 stairs he carved for her.

34. This marriage proposal.

35. This ring.

36. Their first wedding photos.

37. This partnership.

38. Their last moments together.

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39. When the president tells us how much he loves his wife.

40. This proposal.

41. Tony and Kevin's wedding.


42. The invention of Halloween.

43. These couples whose love can be seen in just one photograph.

44. What these two love most about one another.

45. The secret she's about to tell him.

46. The first time he saw her in a wedding dress.

47. Johnny Cash's definition of paradise.

48. When these grooms saw their brides for the first time.

49. This couple who never spent a night apart.

50. And this.