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    The 33 Most Important Lists Ever Written

    Instructions: 1. Read, 2. LOL.

    1. The wish list of this future Miss America.

    2. Just three weeks until MoonDoggies are back!

    3. Extremely accurate list of ways to be cool.

    4. A baby's complete to-do list.

    5. A teenage metal band's real set list.

    6. This passive-aggressive to-do list a wife made for her husband.

    7. A 6-year-old's Christmas agenda.

    8. Johnny Cash's "THINGS TO DO TODAY!"

    9. A kid's to-do list for his dad.

    10. An ominous found grocery list.

    11. Literally the best day ever.

    12. This old Christmas list that will bring back memories.

    13. A 9-year-old's perfect vacation plan.

    14. A list for unemployed folks everywhere.

    15. Rules for Doug.

    16. Sneaky.

    17. The agenda of any mad scientist.

    18. Found at Wal-Mart.

    19. Wait for it...

    20. "Future predictions."

    21. Woody Guthrie's "New Year's Rulin's," 1941.

    22. The bucket list of a very unique soul.

    23. Things not to do, especially involving Bob Ross.

    24. "GO HOME / GET FRISKY"

    25. The most miserable week.

    26. "For work".............

    27. NSFW.

    28. A fascinating list of goals, written on a paper towel.

    29. A boyfriend's "help" with his girlfriend's grocery list.

    30. This future leader.

    31. Seems about right.

    32. Sancho has a lot to learn.

    33. 7-year-olds have life figured out.

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