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The 25 Best-Ever Halloween Costumes Of BuzzFeed Readers

You guys are totally awesome. And totally nerdy. Collected here.

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"A cockblock (2011)! When I studied abroad in London in 2010, one of the girls in my program was upset that I refused to kiss this guy that she was trying to set me up with. She said, “You're a cockblock to yourself.” One year later, I turned that comment into a costume. I used a box from work and printed out the images (a rooster and the letter “C.”) I won best costume at a pub that I went to!"



"Last year my boyfriend Ian and I did our first couples costumes, Barbara and Adam Maitland from Beetlejuice, which he carved by hand out of foam. We won a whole bunch of contests and got to walk at the front of our local Halloween parade!"



"This year my girlfriend and I are going as Lt. Ellen Ripley and the Xenomorph from the movie ALIEN. The costume took six months of carving and gluing to construct and stands 7' tall. The flamethrower has a batter operated torch on the nozzle so the flame actually flickers! She is always up for great couples costumes like these and is the best girlfriend ever!"



"Battle Rufio from “Hook,” West Hollywood 2010, entirely handmade. I didn't realize the powerful nostalgia this character elicits from not only my fellow nerds, but apparently anyone who lived through 1991. I lost all my friends during the Carnaval from being swarmed and ended up taking photos with strangers for 3 hours. At one point I stood atop a cop car and had 50+ people (including the police) chanting “KILL THE LAWYER!”

Best part was a friend sending photos of me to Dante Basco, who deemed it the “most awesome Rufio costume” he'd ever seen. Bangarang indeed."

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