Maru Playing In The Snow Is The Reason For The Season

It's cold and gray and everything is miserable...until you find out that when it snows, Maru wears a little blue hoodie.

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The important things about this video:

1. Maru's little hoodie.

2. Maru when he's standing up by the fence in his hoodie at 0:10 and totally looks like a little person.

3. A closer look at Maru's little hoodie.

4. What does Maru think about when Maru thinks about snow?

5. Maru's careful stepping.

6. At 1:37 when you can tell that Maru feels like he's on a protected island and the snow is sharks.

7. Maru investigating a tiny snowman.

8. Remember when Maru was wearing a little hoodie?

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