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Snooki's 42 Most Inspiring Moments Of 2013

Our favorite meatball has gone and grown up, and the result is beautiful perfection.

1. Snooki has never been afraid to ask the tough questions.

2. The really tough questions.

3. In 2013, her mirror selfie game was almost as on point as her messy top-bun game.

4. When she got paired with fellow shortie Sasha Farber on Dancing with the Stars and they were the cutest.

5. And once they actually started dancing together, they blew everyone away.

6. Every time you struggled to go to the gym and then remembered that SNOOKI works out every day.

7. Sometimes she even does it in heels.

8. When she opened up on Dancing with the Stars about the anorexia she struggled with in high school.

9. And showed her young fans that her new healthier body isn't due to starving herself — it's hard work!

10. The moment her giant trainer was able to STAND ON HER LEGS during her wall sit because she is literally the strongest tiny person.

11. She continued to speak up and take a stand for gay rights, a long-standing position she's had as a bisexual woman.

12. When she completely ignored everyone who thought she would be a terrible mom and went ahead and had a beautiful family anyway.

13. And baby Lorenzo was the cutest little mini-meatball ever seen.

14. Momma Nicole was clearly obsessed with him and constantly talking about him and lavishing him with affection.

15. Being a mom is hard, and she makes it look easy.

16. At the beginning of the year, Snooki experimented with color with a purple dip-dyed ombre and you ran to the salon.

17. And then she dyed her hair red and looked more beautiful than ever before.

18. And she always had the perfect mermaid hair you dreamed of all your life.

19. She always kept it real.

20. When she embraced glamour on the red carpet while still showing off her tattoos.

21. When she and Jionni are already like a cute old couple that seem totally happy.

22. But also still hopelessly and madly in love.

23. This family doesn't take Disney World lightly.

24. When the DWTS judges called her a pocket rocket.

25. When she published her second book, and it had the cutest title and cover photo ever.

26. When she was the fashion mom we didn't even know we needed.

27. These sunglasses/this sunflower sweater.

28. The most perfect ice queen.

29. She set a new bar in the "flattering bikini" + "mom appropriate" department.

30. She perfected mom Halloween couture.

31. This outfit.


33. She even looked amazing on a tiny tractor.

34. When she shared your obsession with Bangerz and explained that she wants to buy Miley Cyrus sex toys and a best friends bracelet for Christmas.

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Us too, Snooks. Us too.

35. When best friends really were forever.

36. When she and JWoww visited BuzzFeed and were totally game when we asked them to dress up as our favorite TV duos.

37. She was still reliably spacey, but only in the cutest of ways.

38. She managed to pack her personality into every dance and still nail every step too.

39. When, despite everything, family was clearly her number one priority.

40. When she single-handedly provided us with the only reaction GIFs we need for every emotion.

41. In every moment of 2013, Snookcole managed to grow up a little every day while never losing the personality that made us love her.

42. YASSSS!!!