Selections From "The Boy Book," 1998-1999

Give a boy-crazy teenage girl a YM subscription and a glue stick, and she will give you a masterpiece. I created this huge scrapbook of cute boys when as a teenager in the ’90s. No shame. Okay, a little shame.

It’s a good start. I recognized Ian Somerhalder’s talents when he was just a male model, and Paul Rudd is obviously still the best.

Vintage Phillippe.

Some shirtless strangers. Nothing creepy to see here, move on.

Prince William! And some guys from, like, the Dillards catalog!

I used to watch the few minutes of Casper where Devon Sawa appears over and over again.

Listen, y’all, I’m from Texas.

Was handsome then, has only gotten handsomer.

BFFs. This was a really big deal and everyone had to choose a side.

I’m sad to report that I was Team Affleck at the time. I know.

This page makes me feel really confused about my identity, but I still heartily approve of ’90s Ken Griffey Jr.

Ethan Embry, I still love you even though I heard that you’re a scientologist.

There’s a LOT of Usher in this book.

And a lot of Leo, of course.

James Marsden, I don’t even remember what you were in.

Troy Dyer 4 Lyfe.

Brad Pitt and Jerry O’Connell. A study in contrasts?

I know, I know. I know.

Nice pants, Ush.

A.J. from Empire Records and his unfortunate facial hair configuration.

LOOKIT tiny Ryan Reynolds!

The guy in the bottom left is Chris Hardwick, who now does the Nerdist podcasts. See, I had good taste… very occasionally.

A guy from the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. Bonus puppy!

Pacey, you were much cuter than Dawson but I don’t think I recognized that at the time and I apologize.

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