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    23 Pictures That Prove Punks Are Actually Total Softies

    Punk's not dead, but it is VERY cute. Get more punk warm fuzzies over at Nice Punks.

    1. Kitten out the jams.

    2. Uknity!

    3. I wanna be your friend.

    4. Holiday in Catbodia.

    5. I wanna be your dog.

    6. Rock 'n' roll elementary school.

    7. Psycho kittens.

    8. Jealous of your tiny jacket again.

    9. Angels with spiky shoulders.

    10. Punk rock girl.

    11. Baby, I love you.

    12. Corazon de horsie.

    13. Pull my strings.

    14. Where pigeons dare.

    15. The kids are united.

    16. Love song.

    17. Run wild, run free.

    18. Horse-day in the sun.

    19. Stand by me.

    20. I have a date.

    21. God save this queen.

    22. Mommy's little monster.

    23. <3 Punk Rock Love <3