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Predict The Winners Of The Animals March Madness Bracket

If you predict the tournament correctly, or come the closest to doing so, we'll send you a very special top-secret prize. UPDATE: Since voting is open on round one, the prediction bracket contest is now over. We will let you know when we crown a winner(s)!

Here's the bracket...

Drag the bracket into your image editor and add your predictions – to be clear, you're not voting today, you're predicting how others will vote. Alternately, feel free to get creative and design your own bracket to show us who you think will win. Either way, save and upload to the comments for a chance to win our big secret prize!

[BuzzFeed employees may enter the predictions game for fun, but will not be eligible for the prize]

If you don't have an image editor, you can use our pic mixer to show your predictions...

Just add text and name the winners of each round, then post to the comments!

The contest will close when voting begins for Round One, Match One – the afternoon of March 5, 2013.

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