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53 Reasons To Celebrate The First Ever "Girlie Pop Culture" Festival

Forever Fest is an entire weekend to enjoy girlie escapism in movies, books, and television. It made its debut in Austin, Texas last weekend, and it was perfect.

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2. Cool 12-year-old Tatum Mason designed their ridiculously adorable logo.

Tatum also revealed on stage that her personal heroes are Zach Galifianakis and "Nicolas Cage in Con-Air."

7. The movie was preceded by a string of classic '90s music videos that I hadn't thought about in 15 years, like Dishwalla's "Counting Blue Cars."

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11. The after-party featured a killer '90s cover band, Zoodust.

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They filled their set with Gin Blossoms, No Doubt, and even a cover of Empire Records' "Sugarhigh."

19. The little dog who thought this entire parade was for him knocked out the second contestant, and our winner took home an amazing cat-themed prize package.

20. The video show featured animals on trampolines, dogs greeting soldiers, important cats, giggling babies, baby goats, sloths, sleepy puppies, and so much more...

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21. But the dog who waits patiently for his best friend to jump in a puddle was the crowd's favorite.

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25. The hilarious ladies of Go Fug Yourself related their stories of hanging out with Joan Rivers, and talked about the research they're doing for their upcoming adult novel, the fictionalized story of Kate Middleton.

27. Ladies lined up to meet the authors and get their books signed, proving yet again that many of us are secretly teenagers for the rest of our lives.

28. By the time Danceoke started, I was overwhelmed by how rewarding and positive it felt to be surrounded by women who weren't afraid to squeal in public.

32. There were free '80s style blowouts available in the lobby.

Jack Plunkett / Forever Fest

You could choose between the Pretty In Pink (beach waves), the Dirty Dancing (feminine curls), Clueless (straight and smooth), or Sixteen Candles (a perfect pony).

34. Two of the cast-members were there to celebrate with us: Liane Alexandra Curtis, who played Molly's BFF Randy is on the left, and Deborah Pollack, who played Marlene (aka "sexy girlfriend") is on the right looking exactly the same.

36. During the Q&A, Gedde Watanabe (Long Duk Dong) and Blanche Baker both "surprised" Pollack with phone calls. Most of the cast is still friends, but no one really knows what happened to Jake Ryan.

38. But Forever Fest wasn't just for ladies, although there were a lot of us. It was for anyone willing to celebrate their inner teenage girl — dudes included.

50. He said so many interesting things after each simple question that time ran out too quickly. "The problem with being a writer," he explained, "is that you spend so much time alone that when you're in public you can't shutup."

51. When asked about the differences between reading and watching a film, Zusak remarked that "when you read a book, you go through all that alone. Then you come to a theater and you feel it together."

So much lady-centric entertainment is treated as a "guilty pleasure" or something you grow out of, and it was so great to have a place to celebrate it loudly. And in pink.

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