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24 Simple Facts That Will Make You Feel Better About People

Faith in humanity, restored.

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1. Stubbs the cat is the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska. Every afternoon, Stubbs gets to go a restaurant and drink catnip-water out of a wineglass.

2. There's a biker gang that dedicates itself to fighting child abuse and making abused children feel safer.

3. The word "love" appears in The Beatles' songs a total of 613 times.

4. During the first World War, British and German soldiers declared a truce for Christmas, and even played impromptu soccer games in the trenches.

5. A 17-year-old girl named Jackie Mitchell was given a professional baseball contract in 1931 and then struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in an exhibition game.

6. Humans invented broccoli.

7. Last year, hundreds of volunteers formed a human wall to help protect endangered baby sea turtles and help them find their way to the ocean.

8. Guerrilla knitting, or "yarn bombing," is a thing.


9. The Nicest Place On The Internet exists.

10. In 1972, one of the Apollo 17 astronauts wrote his daughter's initials on the surface of the moon. The initials are still there and will probably be there for 50,000 years.

11. Legendary baseball manager Tony LaRussa has 17 cats.

12. A knighted penguin named Sir Nils Olav is the Colonel in Chief of the Norwegian Royal Guard.

13. When asked by the Nazis at gunpoint to provide a list of Jews on the island of Zakynthos, the Mayor Loukas Karrer and the Bishop Chrysostomos provided a list with two names on it: their own. In the meantime, the 275 Jews on the island were hidden in small villages, and they all survived the Holocaust.

14. There will always be a food you haven't tried.

15. The official Space Jam website has been exactly the same, and stayed up, since 1996.

16. There's a group of nine older women in Tennessee who bake pound cakes for people who have lost their jobs or fallen on hard luck, along with a note reading "somebody loves you."

17. Guide dogs are free to people with disabilities.

18. There's a tattoo artist who covers ex-gang members' tattoos with beautiful new designs — for free.

19. Teddy bears are made with a neutral expression so that children can project their own emotions onto them.

20. A prison in Washington state pairs up shelter cats that would otherwise be put to sleep with select inmates as part of a rehabilitation program.

21. Katy Perry has a cat named Kitty Purry.

22. Marilyn Monroe helped Ella Fitzgerald book her first gig at the legendary Mocambo night club by promising the manager she'd reserve a table in the front row.

23. The longest kiss ever lasted 58 hours and 35 minutes.

24. Somebody loves you.