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    Meet Your State's Most Influential Animal Representative

    We should proooobably go ahead and replace all these state flags with pictures of these dudes.

    Alabama's State Mammal, the American black bear.

    Alaska's State Mammal, the moose.

    Arizona's State Mammal, the ring-tailed cat

    Arkansas's State Mammal, the white-tailed deer.

    California's State Marine Mammal, the gray whale.

    Colorado's State Mammal, the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep

    FLPA / Rex/REX USA

    Connecticut's State bird, The American Robin

    Delaware's State Wildlife, the grey fox.

    Florida's State Marine Mammal, the manatee.

    Georgia's State Amphibian, the American green tree frog.

    Hawaii's State Mammal, the Hawaiian monk seal.

    Idaho's State Horse, the Appaloosa.

    Illinois's State Reptile, the painted turtle.

    Indiana's State Bird, the Northern cardinal.

    Iowa's State Amphibian, the North American bullfrog.

    Kansas' State Animal, the American bison.

    Kentucky's State Wild Animal Species, the gray squirrel.

    Louisiana's State Reptile, the American alligator.

    Maine's State Cat, the Maine Coon.

    Maryland's State Bird, the Baltimore oriole.

    Massachusetts' State Dog, the Boston terrier.

    Michigan's State Fish, the brook trout.

    Minnesota's State Bird, the common loon.

    Mississippi's State Marine Mammal, the bottlenose dolphin.

    Missouri's State Bird, the Eastern bluebird.

    Montana's State Mammal, the grizzly bear.

    Nebraska's State Bird, the Western meadowlark.

    Nevada's State Reptile, the desert tortoise.

    New Hampshire's State Bird, the purple finch.

    New Jersey's State Animal, the horse.

    New Mexico's State Bird, the roadrunner.

    New York's State Mammal, the beaver.

    North Carolina's State Reptile, the Eastern box turtle.

    North Dakota's Honorary State Equine, the Nokota horse.

    Ohio's State Amphibian, the spotted salamander.

    Oklahoma's State Bird, the scissor-tailed flycatcher.

    Oregon's State Crustacean, the Dungeness crab.

    Pennsylvania's State Dog, the Great Dane.

    Rhode Island's State Bird, the Rhode Island red chicken.

    South Carolina's State Reptile, the loggerhead sea turtle.

    Joe Raedle / Getty Images

    South Dakota's State Mammal, the coyote.

    Tennessee's State Wild Animal, the raccoon.

    Texas's State Flying Mammal, the Mexican free-tailed bat.

    Utah's State Mammal, the rocky mountain elk.

    Vermont's State Bird, the hermit thrush.

    Virginia's State Bat, the Virginia big-eared bat.

    Washington's State Endemic Mammal, the Olympic marmot.

    West Virginia's State Reptile, the timber rattlesnake.

    Wisconsin's State Mammal, the badger.

    Wyoming's State Reptile, the horned lizard.

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