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Meet Sir Stuffington, The Cutest Pirate In The World

Sir Stuffington was born on the streets and suffered a raccoon attack when he was just a wee kitten, but he's overcome and is growing into a badass lil pirate. <3

Meet Sir Stuffington, the toughest tiny kitten in all of kittenland.

AmyWho Photography / Via Facebook: Sir.Stuffington

Sir Stuffington's foster mom had a friend who spotted him on the streets and snapped this photo.

OBVIOUSLY they fell in love and made it their mission to save this extremely brave and very adorable pirate from any further attacks.

And save him they did!

Along with his two brothers...

AmyWho Photography / Via Facebook: Sir.Stuffington

Who double as bodyguards.

Pirates need love too.

Don't believe me that this face could pirate around?

Yarr wrong matey!

(this is what happens when dad takes care of Sir Stuffington)


But being clean and flea-free isn't so bad.

So next time you're feeling down about being different, or about the bad things that have happened...

Just remember Sir Stuffington! If he can stay fierce, so can you!

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