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Meet 10-Year-Old Evan, Who Donates Everything He Can To Help Cats

This kid is probably the best human being on the planet.

Evan loves cats. After he adopted his own kitty, Macha, from City Kitties rescue in Philadelphia, he wanted to find a way to continue to help the cats they were rescuing. He was only 7-years-old, but he saved his allowance money for several months and donated $46.75 to the charity.

Evan's first letter from 2009, when he was 7

Evan with Calvin, 2010

The 2011 Letter, from then 9-year-old Evan

The 2012 letter, Evan is now 10

In 2012, Evan's parents matched his donation for a total donation of $220. People all over the country have been inspired by Evan through Facebook and the City Kitties blog, as well as more recently on Reddit and Huffington Post. Many have donated to City Kitties or to their own local rescues to, as Evan would say, "save abandoned kitties from danger!"