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    Look Inside Grimes' Gothy, Twee Sketchbook

    Four drawings from her sketchbook are featured in the latest Rookie yearbook. BuzzFeed has the first look at them online, and they are awesome.

    Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, is as enchanting on paper as she is on record. Her music might already be your favorite, but are you familiar with her creepy/beautiful drawings?

    Drawn & Quarterly / Rookie

    You can see lots on her online portfolio, but these selections are from her sketchbook — work she never necessarily thought anyone would see, until Tavi asked.

    Tavi is Tavi Gevinson, the now 17-year-old founder of Rookie, which has recently published its second anthology. Grimes is 25, but she's not the only adult who's impressed by Gevinson and Rookie.

    Petra Collins

    We asked Tavi about how Rookie came to get an inside look at Grimes sketchbooks, and she explained that Claire was already a big fan of Rookie.

    "Claire had expressed her love of Rookie so I messaged her on twitter and asked if she had any artwork we could publish since I knew she also illustrates and does her album art and is just all around crazy talented. She's done exhibitions and stuff but I thought it would be fun to show pages from her sketchbook, maybe stuff she didn't first make with an audience in mind. She sent me a bunch of scans and was so enthusiastic and supportive! She's just the coolest and I'm thrilled we could share her casually stunning sketchbook pages."

    Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham, and Judy Blume are just a few of the cool adults who've worked with Rookie for this latest anthology. It's not really a surprise - seeing teenage girls express themselves so openly, creatively, and intelligently makes one feel pretty optimistic about the future.

    But about Grimes' drawings: they're equal parts goth and adorable, combining bows and hearts with black depths and eyeballs.

    Drawn & Quarterly / Rookie

    This one might give me nightmares, but there's something pretty about it too.

    Drawn & Quarterly / Rookie

    Peeking into someone's sketchbook feels like a direct line to their brain, and this is especially true here. Grimes' brain is full of staring eyes, planets, hearts, stars, and teeth. Seems about right.

    Drawn & Quarterly / Rookie