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    Lemmy Sanders Is The Most Refined Cat On Instagram

    Most cats can't maintain their dignity while wearing a slinky, but artist Dominique Sanders' cat Lemmy isn't most cats.

    Lemmy looks perfect cloaked in bloomers,

    dressing up as David Bowie,

    when his angel wings appear,

    draped in hearts,



    modestly veiled,

    swathed in the most luxe looking fabrics,




    even sombreroed.

    He knows he looks good in linen,

    celebrating America,

    with an arty collar,

    fabric he obviously chose himself,

    hipster glasses,

    a cat hat,

    gorgeous jewelry,

    birds of a feather,

    a slinky,

    even a Groucho Marx disguise.

    Don't forget the little booties!

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