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    26 Internet Experiences You'll Never Have Again

    Now you're just the internet I used to know. :(


    1. This sound.

    2. Which you'd hear every time you dialed in to your favorite local BBS.

    Early BBSes had EVERYTHING: games, discussion rooms, "electionic mail," file sharing..


    Even IRL meetups!

    3. Or maybe you started with AOL. Remember A/S/L checks in your favorite AOL Chat Room?


    4. Or was Prodigy's "Interactive Personal Service" your first online experience?

    You'll never play "Mad Maze" again. :(

    5. Clicking on "A Random Link."

    6. Searching the WWW with the help of the internet's first famous dog, the LYCOS mascot.

    7. Learning basic HTML so you could build your first web site on Geocities!

    With an auto-playing midi cover of your favorite song, obviously...

    8. Hooking your site into like-minded others with the power of WEBRINGS.

    9. Building your dream home in a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD).

    10. Checking in on your favorite cam girl.

    11. Introducing your friends to the miracle of "Hampster Dance."

    12. Looking at naked girls or having arguments about They Might Be Giants on Usenet.

    13. Scoping out the hotties of Makeout Club dot com.

    14. Copying and pasting an email survey and sending it to all 30 of your friends.

    15. Crafting the perfect AIM "away message."

    wow i h8 how every1 is putting VdAY PLaNz on their aways. SO COOL. LIKE OKAY maggie & mike, have a gr8 time at Applebees NO1 CAREZ!!

    your away message


    wow i h8 how every1 is putting VdAY PLaNz on their aways. SO COOL. LIKE OKAY maggie & mike, have a gr8 time at Applebees NO1 CAREZ!!

    16. Updating your LiveJournal.

    Especially choosing your "current mood."

    And making fancy icons for whatever you were into.

    17. Getting "testimonials" from your Friendster buddies.

    18. Building a huge music library for free with Napster.

    Which you then burned on mix CDs for your friends and crushes.

    19. Or spending years confused about who did what songs, thanks to the genius of your fellow KaZaA users...

    Your KaZaA Library


    Madonna - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    Your KaZaA Library


    Various artists- How Bizarre

    20. Getting MySpace notifications.

    And carefully selecting your "Top 8".

    Blingeeing out your profile picture.

    21. Wasting hours scrolling through pictures on "Hot or Not"

    22. Taking highly scientific personality quizzes and tests that changed your entire perception of your tween self.

    23. Asking Jeeves.

    24. Watching this Homestar Runner video 10 times in a row.

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    25. Caring for your Neopets.

    26. The beautiful MySpace/Livejournal hybrid that was Xanga (RIP)

    In conclusion...

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