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    The 34 Most Inexplicable And Weird Tattoos Of Celebrities


    34. Elvis Presley pez dispenser.

    33. A very blurry Freddie Mercury.

    32. Britney Spears and her name written in blood or lipstick?

    31. The Golden Girls on Mount Rushmore (kind of badass actually).

    30. Tupac Shakur making this face.

    29. Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter.

    28. Mark Paul Gosslear as Zack Morris in the Saved By The Bell episode where Zack starts a band called "Zack Attack."

    27. A very ginger Conan O'Brien.

    26. R. Kelly and the lyrics from "Bump N Grind."

    25. Zombie Jaleel White / Urkel

    24. Mike Tyson with Mike Tyson's own face tattoos.

    23. Rachel Ray. Just... Rachel Ray.

    22. O.J. Simpson's mugshot.

    21. "Bob Marley" [Jimi Hendrix].

    20. A tattoo of Maddox Jolie-Pitt. A tattoo of someone else's child.

    19. Yep, it's Celine Dion.

    18. Zombie Marilyn Monroe.

    17. Mahatma Gandhi / Groucho Marx mashup.

    16. Judge Judy can judge him.

    15. Bill Cosby Crossbones.

    14. Hulk Hogan hugging an invisible friend.

    13. Tupac Shakur as a unicorn.

    12. Leslie Nielsen's face with butterfly wings.

    11. Britney Spears post-head-shaving.

    10. Adam Duritz in his "Sideshow Bob" phase.

    9. Mariah Carey with angel wings... and... an... owl?

    8. Amanda Bynes' eye inside of an illuminati triangle.

    7. The Dr. Phil buttcheek.

    6. Betty White popping out of a bloody hole in someone's back and giving the devil horns.

    5. Oprah Winfrey lifting weights.

    4. Hulk Hogan inception.

    3. Macaulay Culkin sitting in Michael Jackson's lap.

    2. Charlie Sheen dressed in a tiger costume and bleeding and "winning."

    1. Maury announcing the results of a paternity test.