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If Mad Men Was Mad Dogs

The only thing that could make the best drama on television better: If the characters were played by these adorable, adoptable dogs.

Don Draper, played by Ben

Interesting that Ben has no particulars listed under his description... Maybe he's not who he says he is?

Peggy Olson, played by Cori

She's got tiny little legs but Cori's got mad spunk. We think she's gonna make it, after all.

Roger Sterling, played by Fernando

Look at this handsome devil: Fernando! Roger "There's My Baby" Sterling should totally grow a mustache, right?!

Joan Harris, played by Talli

This gal, Talli, was "too much dog" for her previous owner. As we all know, there's no such thing as too much Joan.

Megan Draper, played by London

Zou bisou bisou! London may need her name changed to Paris but she's a perfectly stylish Mrs. Draper.

Pete Campbell, played by Ghost.

The first time you see him, you're all "ugh, Chihuahuas. So yappy," but as the years pass, Ghost will surely snivel his way into your heart. Remind you of anyone?

Betty Francis, played by Tasha

Tasha needs a home with no children.

Sally Draper, played by Fuzzy

Her parents' lineage is shrouded in deceit, but Fuzzy remains adorable.

Lane Pryce, played by Bear

Bear is an English Springer Spaniel who's looking for a blurry photo to love. His foster mom's loving description mentions that "he will also need a very gentle hand in his training, so as not to damage his fragile confidence." SO TRUE.

Ken Cosgrove, played by Magee

Magee, a beagle mix, needs to be an only dog -- so that he has plenty of time to work on the short fiction he's been submitting to literary journals.

Harry Crane, played by Sonny

We definitely think that Sonny could eat 20 tiny hamburgers.

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