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Meet Lunita, The Cutest Baby Sloth On Planet Earth

Lunita is a baby three-fingered sloth living at the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica, and her face will fill your heart with pure love.


As you can see as soon as you gaze upon her beautiful tiny face, she is a magical wonder.

Lunita is an orphaned baby sloth who lives at Costa Rica's Sloth Sanctuary.

She is a three-fingered sloth, meaning she has three fingers (those things that look like claws are actually finger bones, yo!).

And also meaning that her face always looks like it has a sweet little smile on it.

Well, almost always.

Sometimes Lunita feels shy.

But mostly she is very friendly and curious about what people are up to.

Her favorite activities include: chilling in the sunlight,

drinking milk from a tiny syringe,

reaching for things,

holding on to fingers (eeeeeeee!!!),

and being one with nature.

Basically, Lunita just appreciates the simple joys in life.

Even though her life hasn't been perfect,

she keeps smiling.

So next time you're feeling down,

just remember little Lunita.

and maybe the world will seem like a nicer place...

Because any world with this little magical creature in it can't be that bad.