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Hey, You're Doing A Really Good Job Today!

Congratulations on being such a stellar person and doing so much good work today.

"Hi there."

"Great job today!"

"Has anyone told you how cool you look?"

"I give your outfit a 10/10."

"Thanks for getting out of bed this morning."

"You're making the world a better place by being you."

"You are extremely smart."

"You have such original ideas."

"You're prepared for anything."

"You're more talented than you give yourself credit for."

"I am just blown away by your creativity."

"And you contribute so much to the conversation."

"Wow, you're working really hard today."

"You definitely deserve a raise."

"In the meantime, you should treat yourself to something special tonight."

"Your family and friends are lucky to have you."

"You are loved, and you deserve it."

"If you need any help, someone will be there for you."

"But I know you got this."

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