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35 Gorgeous Photographs From Deep In The Heart Of Texas

Texans like their wide open spaces, y'all.

1. Brady, Texas.

2. New Ulm, Texas.

3. 4th of July on Lake Austin.

4. Wildflowers in Guadalupe County, Texas.

5. Big Bend, Texas.

6. Pedernales Falls State Park.

7. Blanco River in Wimberley, Texas.

8. Sunset outside of Johnson City.

9. East Texas fields.

10. Hamilton Pool, Austin, Texas.

11. Tic-tac-sky in the Dallas area.

12. Lake Raven, Huntsville State Park.

13. Barton Creek, Austin, Texas.

14. Galveston, Texas.

15. Lake Austin in Austin, Texas.

16. Hamilton Pool, Texas.

17. Uncertain, Texas.

18. Texas tree.

19. Lake Austin from above.

20. Enchanted Rock sunset.

21. Central Texas Hill Country clouds.

22. Texas wildflowers.

23. Big Bend State Park.

24. On the way home from Smithville, Texas.

25. South Padre Island.

26. Bridge near 360 in Austin, Texas.

27. The Chihuahuan Desert in West Texas.

28. Caddo Lake.

29. April bluebonnets.

30. Turtle Creek, Dallas.

31. The big hill at Big Bend.

32. Guadalupe River State Park.

33. The Chisos mountains, Big Bend National Park.

34. The Guadalupe River, Gruene, Texas.

35. San Angelo sunset.