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18 People You Don't Want To Be On The Fourth Of July

All caused by that one guy... A Vine story by BuzzFeed BFF starring Matt Bellassai.

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1. It all starts when someone you don't even know invites themselves to your party.

2. That person who doesn't get how backyard BBQ works.

3. When someone eats all the food before you get to it.

4. OK, just this guy.

5. Some people take the whole funny "America" thing TOO FAR.


7. When social media is way more fun than you're really having.

8. When it's too hot to look cool.

9. My reaction the moment someone pulls out a guitar.

10. Trying to prove you're not drunk.

11. Firecracker accidents :(

12. And MORE firecracker accidents.

13. When people are way too stoked on the stuff they brought.

14. Also, fireworks aren't THAT exciting.

15. And you definitely don't need that many pictures of them.

16. U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

17. When that guy you didn't invite lights everything on fire.

18. Having to kick someone out of your party.

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