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27 Dogs Who Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile

I bet you're smiling just thinking about these good dogs!

1. These dogs just want to make you smile and improve your day. Will you let them?

2. This dog is extremely excited about this endeavor.

3. Here, we have the most perfect dog costume ever invented.

4. If this dog can get through this wind, you can get through anything.

Kieran Doherty / Reuters

And look amazing doing it.

Kieran Doherty / Reuters

5. Are you smiling yet? This good dog is because broccoli is delicious!

6. This this golden retriever is more excited about Taco Bell.


8. Or you could just take a seat and have a fine dinner with this young gentleman.

9. Superdog just wants you to be happy.

10. Is this face doing anything for you?

11. Maybe you prefer awkward waddles?

12. This little man recommends getting into a little bit of trouble.

13. How are those cheeks?

14. Have you met this future seeing eye dog?

15. Maybe you prefer a more scholarly beast?

16. Go ahead and get comfy.

17. Listen to some jams.

18. But don't fall asleep!

19. There are still some dogs who want to meet you!

20. Hey girl.

21. This is what friends are for.

22. Let it go.

23. Be yourself.

24. Smile, because you're the best and dogs exist!

25. Dogs!

26. DOGS!

27. DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!