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Dogs Are Jocks And Cats Are Nerds

The same might be said of the people who love them.

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This is a dog.

This is a cat.

Dogs are like "SPORTS."

Cats are like "BOOKS."

Dogs: "JUMPING!!!"

Cats: "I'm just reorganizing my desktop."

Dogs: "Ooooh, a pool!"

Cats: "Why are we here? Existing, I mean."

Dogs: "BALL SO HARD" M$#$#%@*%*##RS WANNA FINE ME"

Cats: "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines."

(-Ralph Waldo Emerson) / Via

(-Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Dogs: "How can you spend all that time inside?"

Cats: "How can you spend all that time thinking about balls?"

Dogs: "BUBBLES!!"

Cats: "I'm reading this fascinating AMA on Reddit right now, be out later."

Dogs: "This is a sick wave, bro."

Cats: "This is a sick background screen, broseph."

Dogs: "Please don't take my ball away!"

Cats: "I can't see without my glasses!"

Dogs: "I have glasses too."

Doug Cohenour

Cats: "Those aren't even prescription."

Dogs: "I like books too!"

Cats: "You have GOT to be kidding me."

Dogs: "Why don't you relax and have a beer, man?"

Cats: "As long as we can play some fun games."

Dogs: "Sure. Bring your wallet."

Cats: "For D&D?!"

Dogs: "Cats, you need to spend more time outdoors."

Cats: "I do spend time outdoors!"

Dogs: "SNOWBALL!!!!!"

Cats: "Really?"

Dogs: "I recently got super into motorcycles."

Cats: "That's interesting, I recently got into black-hole cosmology."

Dogs: "Let's have a fiesta!"

Cats: "I've got to work on my thesis."

Dogs: "BALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Dogs: "Wait, where did you put the ball?!"

Cats: "I'm never socializing again."

Dogs: "Whatever bra."

Cats: "I'm glad this discussion is over."

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