Do You Have A Heart?

Are you human, or are you robot? Take this simple test to find out for sure.

  1. Does this baby sloth make you smile?
  2. How do you feel about this owl?
  3. What happens to your face when this baby panda falls off his rocking horse?
  4. Does this puppy playing with a cat turn your frown upside down?
  5. Can you keep from smiling at these pugs sledding by in little hats?
  6. This bunny is having a bit of a sneeze — what are you doing?
  7. What's your response to this tiny kitten pounce?
  8. Here's a wombat going out for a run. Are you smiling?
  9. Baby leopards love chin scratches. Do you love them?
  10. This baby corgi just wants to play. Are you down?
  11. "Hellooooooo!" says this duckling. What do you say?
  12. This puppy is real. Is your smile?
  13. Do these two best friends make you happy?
  14. Oh look, it's another sloth! This one is feeling romantic. How are YOU feeling?
  15. Why did the baby elephant cross the road? To see what you think about him...
  16. This red panda is pouncing on a pumpkin. You smiling?

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