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Did The Other U.S. Girls Do Their Hair For Gabby Douglas?

Last night Ali Reisman, Jordyn Wieber, and McKayla Maroney sat in the stands to cheer on Gabby Douglas in the Women's Uneven Bars Final. They all had their hair uncharacteristically slicked back with gel and pins and folded into buns in Gabby's characteristic but recently-criticized style. Were they sending a message?

Gabby's hairstyle has been subjected to criticism, but many have come to her defense

“How ignorant is it of people to comment on her hair and she still has more competitions to go. Are you trying to ruin her self confidence? She has to go out there and feel good about herself, and if she feels good about herself on that floor, who are you to criticize her? What have you done to help contribute to her dream, that you felt it necessary to put it out there so that she could see it.”

Ali, McKayla, and Jordyn last night

Jordyn and McKayla typically wear their hair in a high ponytail