19 Depressing One-Star Reviews Of Classic Literature

    All the kids that ruined English class are back to haunt you on the internet. :(

    1. Paradise Lost: Boring Peotry.

    2. This sorry excuse for a book, To Kill A Mockingbird.

    3. That damn Marxist Walt Whitman...

    4. Big Brother this, Big Brother that.

    5. Driving this potent critique of Ray Bradbury home.

    6. The EXTREME EXPERIENCES of Holden Caulfield.

    7. The Brothers Karamozov: What happens when publishers pay authors by the page.

    8. RANCID MILK aka Oedipus Rex.

    9. Not at all like the Disney movie...

    10. There's actually a chapter called The Eye and other revelations about Moby Dick

    11. "Riker is distracting" by the Harvard Classics Library.

    12. Kurt Vonnegut's similarity to athlete's foot.

    13. Maybe people were less educated in earlier centuries?

    14. People only say The Sun Also Rises is good because they want to fit in.

    15. What DOES make a classic book?

    16. Dracula just has nothing on Twilight.

    17. That Anne Frank: such a whiner.

    18. A book should NOT have to be discussed to be understood!!!

    19. LOL!