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For Everyone Who's Sexually Attracted To Deacon From Fallout 4

Maximum affinity reached. (Minor spoilers included.)

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Maybe you even put him in some of the outfits you collected, and you find yourself admiring your handiwork a little longer than usual.

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The sunset! The trees! The color of that sweater vest! It's all so beautiful.


Can you...?

Can I romance Deacon in fallout? Because I've got the hots for him.




Forever pissed I can't Romance deacon in fallout 4. He's truly the ultimate daddi


The only disappointment I have for fallout 4 is that I can't romance Deacon. I wanna romance him up so bad. I love him.


Can't romance Deacon in Fallout 4 what kinda bullshit is this I need a DRINK (and a nap)


Because goddamnit, he's just so fucking lovable.


And putting him in little outfits, even IRL ones in your fantasies.

Nah, you still want him.

fallout 4 au where everything is the same but all of deacon’s disguises are tear-away clothes