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    For Everyone Who's Sexually Attracted To Deacon From Fallout 4

    Maximum affinity reached. (Minor spoilers included.)

    One day you were playing Fallout 4 and after slaying some super mutants and feral ghouls, you wandered into a secret hideaway and met this raggedy dumpster named Deacon.

    Bethesda Softworks / Via

    Admittedly, you were intrigued. Those sunglasses. That pompadour. The sass!!!

    Before you know it, Deacs is your new companion... That's when you discover that he changes clothes and hairstyles constantly. Sometimes he just walks around like this...

    Bethesda Softworks / Via

    Maybe you even put him in some of the outfits you collected, and you find yourself admiring your handiwork a little longer than usual.

    Bethesda Softworks / Via

    The sunset! The trees! The color of that sweater vest! It's all so beautiful.

    It starts getting weird between you two...

    Bethesda Softworks / Via

    Then suddenly, on hour 13 of your Fallout all-nighter, you realize it: you want Deacon.

    (Admit it: you knew it all along, you just weren't willing to admit it to yourself.)

    After dressing him for the wedding, you start trying to romance him. And that's when you realize the sad, cold reality...

    Can you...?

    Can I romance Deacon in fallout? Because I've got the hots for him.



    Forever pissed I can't Romance deacon in fallout 4. He's truly the ultimate daddi


    The only disappointment I have for fallout 4 is that I can't romance Deacon. I wanna romance him up so bad. I love him.


    Can't romance Deacon in Fallout 4 what kinda bullshit is this I need a DRINK (and a nap)

    In an eerie mirroring of real life, the one guy you want is the one guy you can't actually have.

    Bethesda Softworks / Via

    Also, if he likes you enough he'll tell you all about his ex. A little TOO realistic, Fallout.

    And all this information does is make you WANT HIM MORE.

    Because goddamnit, he's just so fucking lovable.

    All you have now is the cute shit he says to you all the time...

    Bethesda Softworks / Via

    And putting him in little outfits, even IRL ones in your fantasies.

    Deacon will never be more than your best companion and the coolest non-player character you'll ever meet. But maybe that's enough...

    Nah, you still want him.

    fallout 4 au where everything is the same but all of deacon’s disguises are tear-away clothes

    In conclusion:

    Love you forever, you magnificent piece of trash.

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