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The 58 Cutest Things Found Behind The Scenes At The Puppy Bowl

How could anyone possibly rather watch a bunch of guys in meggings run around on a field than look at all these adorable puppies, kitty halftime performers, and HEDGEHOG CHEERLEADERS?!

1. EVERYTHING in this video.

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2. Puppies arriving backstage.

3. And everyone got to hold one.

4. It was magical.

5. No one could stop squealing.

6. When all the puppies had to line up to...

7. ...go play on a puppy- and kitten-sized football field.

8. And play they did!

9. Whee!

10. When these two puppies faced off.

11. When this puppy peeked over the barrier.

12. But there were also kittens! It was cute when the kitten halftime show arrived in cardboard boxes.

13. And when the stage got outfitted with extra-fun halftime insanity.

14. For kittens to crawl all over.

15. And bat at things from.

16. These two kitten pals.

17. All of the kittens peeking up from their enclosures backstage.

18. This face.

19. Kitten handlers preparing kitties to run onto the field.

20. Kittens not being sure what to do with all this attention.

21. Kittens in the spotlight.

22. Kittens overwhelmed with the number of toys on the field.

23. Actually, everything about the kitty halftime show.

24. When confetti came pouring down on the kittens.

25. And the people filming got their fair share as well.

26. Then the kittens were fully confetti'd.

27. This kitten.

28. And especially this kitten hanging out in the corner.

29. And then falling asleep there.

30. OK, let's get back to puppies!

31. These sleepy dudes on the right.

32. This dog mugging for the camera.

33. And this puppy.

34. These dogs playing tug-o-war.

35. And whenever the ref has to intervene.


37. Such as Kiwi:

38. When someone set a hedgehog down like this.

39. This hedgehog's face.

40. And this hedgehog's face as well.

41. THIS hedgehog's face.


43. This lady whose job it is to make sure all the animals are handled safely.

44. This hedgehog hanging out with a tiny football.

45. This proud lady whose hedgehog is some kind of grand champion hedgehog.

46. This hedgehog hanging out with a small stuffed hedgehog version of itself.

47. This hedgehog who didn't want to wear a tutu.

48. Hedgehogs who are ready for their close-up.

49. The families of hedgehogs watching their 'hogs on the monitors backstage.


51. And more puppies!

52. Puppies getting scooped.

53. Shown off.


55. Being serious about puppies.

56. Puppies attacking puppies.

57. Groups of puppies puppying.

58. And, finally, very exhausted puppies.