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The 65 Cutest Things That Happened On Instagram In 2013

If Instagram was a real physical place to visit, how would you even survive the cuteness levels?!

1. Mr. Norman was born.

2. And so was this kitten.

3. Two best friends went for a stroll together.

4. This chinchilla played a tune for a Hello Kitty tea party.

5. Best friends were still forever.

6. And they were willing to put up with anything for love.

7. That's what friends are for.

8. And it went both ways.

9. Aloysius Van Winkle dressed up as Minnie Mouse.

10. Chloe got addicted to the new Grand Theft Auto.

11. Pino became a sailor!

12. Oscar had countless dapper wild adventures.

13. These huskies took a family portrait.

14. Beta had a birthday.

15. Kevin Bacon the pig got a little sister named Gwen.

16. Only having three legs didn't slow Balki down a bit.

17. Spooning, every time.

18. Dada was always sleepy.

19. Biddy traveled to Yellowstone!

20. Dogs wore little cowboy hats.

21. A cat wore a space helmet.

22. This chicken wore a scarf.

23. Cats wore bow ties.

24. Matching outfits were a thing.

25. A pittie needs his glasses (nerd alert!).

26. And Tuna looked fly no matter what he wore.

27. But Montjiro was the best dressed of them all.

28. This look.

29. This brand-new puppy sat in a little bowl.

30. Every puppy that was born, basically.

31. Captain Pancake didn't know how to feel about Halloween.

32. Smoosh was not impressed with your think piece.

33. Anytime a bunch of baby bulldogs did anything.

34. Ginny was the coolest dog in the world.

35. Stumphrey walked around in his monkey onesie.

36. Hank embodied rock 'n' roll.

37. This entire backpack situation occured.

38. Hunter the owl worked hard on regrowing his tufts after an accident.

39. It snowed! Yay!

40. Every moment of Hamilton the Hipster Cat's life.

41. Trotter got patriotic.

42. Shishi Maru had his mind blown.

43. Darcy the hedgehog sat in a small modern chair.

44. This smile.

45. These kittens tried to appear intimidating.

46. Some dogs just loved to play ball.

47. While others preferred taking selfies.

48. Roku wore a fish costume and rode around on a Roomba.

49. Sam and his eyebrows were perplexed by you.

50. Buckley had a tea party.

51. Maru Taro had a tiny birthday feast.

52. Nap time was always quality time.

53. Every time.

54. A hamster rode an extremely soft bunny.

55. A bunny had a shopping spree.

56. Chinchillas are far more frugal.

57. And sometimes they don't buy anything at all.

58. Mike made this video about Lil Bub and the entire world wept.

59. This kitten had a crisis of self when she glimpsed her reflection.

60. But when Yogurt the Pirate Dog confronted her face in the mirror, she only saw pure love.

61. Maddie wished us all a Merry Christmas!

62. And, in the cutest Instagram moment of 2013, this golden retriever was the most patient babysitter of the entire year.

63. And the cutest.

64. And every moment with her was the best.

65. Life is beautiful.

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