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22 Reasons Cows Should Be Your Favorite Animal

Cows are really cute and wonderful!!!

Sometimes it seems like cows get a bad rap. They're big, slow, and some people seem to think they're not as cute as fuzzy bunnies or happy dogs. Those people are wrong. Cows are emotional, social animals who make and keep best friends, love physical affection, show an appreciation for music, and are deeply curious about other creatures and the world around them. They're also ADORABLE. If you need proof that cows are some of the gentlest and most lovable creatures on planet earth, keep scrolling.

"Hey, we're cows."

Cows love TLC. Just look at this calf getting his chin scritched!

When they get a chance to meet a dog, cows will often gather the whole herd together to check 'em out. This one got a lick in.

When they're raised by humans, cows can get a bit confused about their identity. Understandable.

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But one thing is true of any cow: they LOVE wearing flower crowns*.

Cows make close friends and keep them for life, showing signs of stress when they're separated from their bestie.

Try not to cry over this story about two blind cows who found friendship later in life when they met at Farm Sanctuary.

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Sometimes cows bond hard with the humans who raise or rescue them...

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...and their love for affection and petting doesn't wane as they get older.

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Just a warning, this is the cutest video in the world and if you're not in love with cows at this point who even are you?

Baby cows are really really really cute.


Cows are like "this could be us but you playin'."


When you do have a special cow in your life, it may be hard to not let them inside the house.

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This video is long but super cute — skip to about halfway through for some especially aww moments.

Children often recognize how special cows are naturally, and this magical relationship should be encouraged and always, always photographed so I can squeal over it.

Good dogs also get it*.

*it = cows are great.

Here, just watch this cow and this cute dude snuggle for awhile. It's really calming.

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In conclusion, cows just want to be loved. And they should be.

<3 <3 <3

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