Cheetah Sets A New World Speed Record

    Just in time for track and field events to begin this weekend, the Cincinnati Zoo's cheetah, Sarah, has shattered the previous record and is officially the fastest of all land mammals. She ran a 100-meter in 5.95 seconds -- nearly four seconds faster than Usain Bolt.

    At top speed, Sarah was going 61 mph

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    At the Cincinnati Zoo it is our goal to inspire every visitor with wildlife every day, and nothing inspires awe like seeing a cheetah running full blast in our Cheetah Encounter. We are very proud of Sarah, our World Record Holder, since she is a terrific ambassador for her cheetah cousins in the wild. The Cincinnati Zoo has supported cheetah conservation in Africa for more than 20 years, and thankfully, cheetahs are the one species that has a chance to out run extinction.

    Captured by National Geographic