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    Definitive Proof That Cheerleaders Aren't Real Athletes

    Real athletes lift weights, not people.

    1. Cheerleaders are so basic, anyone could do this.

    Koichi Kamoshida / Getty Images

    2. Cheerleading is just waving pom-poms in the air, right?

    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    3. Since when did "jumping" become an athletic skill?

    4. Would a real athlete stretch like this?

    Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

    5. ...while being held in the air by one foot?

    6. Real athletes spend their whole lives practicing to be the best...

    7. And REAL athletes would never wear scant clothing they can easily move in!

    Markus Boesch / Getty Images, Tony Duffy / Getty Images, Christian Petersen / Getty Images

    8. Too bad this girl didn't sign up for soccer so she could get some real exercise.

    9. Genuine sports have decades of history to draw from, you can't just decide something is a sport in 2018...

    Paul Schutzer / Getty Images, Stan Wayman / Getty Images

    10. REAL athletes jump for a hoop, not just to show off.

    Rob Foldy / Getty Images

    11. Excuse me, WHAT?!?!?

    12. OK, wait, damn, that is really high.

    13. OK, fine, let's see what these "world champions" can do.

    Facebook: video.php

    14. Oh.

    15. I see. Well, real athletes STAND before they do a series of backflips at a casual weekday practice.

    16. This might LOOK incredibly impressive, but cheerleading definitely isn't a sport.

    17. And these girls definitely aren't athletes.

    18. Right?!?