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    Posted on Nov 16, 2013

    Can You Rap An Entire Song Without Using The Letter E?

    Andrew Huang can! Impressive.

    The letter E is the most commonly used letter in the English language, but Andrew Huang doesn't care.

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    Don't quite believe it? Here are the lyrics:


    yo, without a topic i rock it

    you just can't knock it or box it

    i will not quit or stop and lock lips

    this is a rap song in which no lyrics contain that fifth capital

    brains and wits magical

    i strain to rip madrigals plain to bits

    any occasion, i flip scripts

    birthdays and kids' trips

    violin gigs, absurd paid shindigs and thursdays

    i win big with wordplay

    i could bring sounds that ring loud

    just sing out anything that i think about

    how i spray flows

    your main bro claims dough from days old

    on pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows

    but i'm on top of it, always

    with or without that non-consonant

    i still bring it

    fans or not, my mom's fond of it

    and you ought to know i just brought this jazz to its limit

    that's right, your total abc's without that fifth glyph is in it

    i'm not using it

    do you kids miss this fifth stiff glyph?

    i'm not using it, ooh

    so what do you want to do?

    look at my lyrics - right in front of you

    truthfully, with so much scrutiny

    you think I'd goofily put any old symbol in?

    mad lunacy, you must not watch my stuff usually

    no miscalculations, i rap brutally at any opportunity

    wow, actually did it!

    post this track to your pals

    got a knack for blowing your brains out blaow

    dictionary nation, vocab's amazing

    difficulty: asian, and i'm just playing

    shining bright any night, hit it right, kill a mici'm a mad man with a plan and i spit it tight

    vividly spilling a million lilting rhythms and synonyms with a divinity in him

    just winning at anything you might go giving him

    finishing with only a possibility of pinnacling at infinity

    i'm not using it

    do you kids miss this fifth stiff glyph?

    i'm not using it, ooh

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