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Bus Hits Airport Overpass In Miami, Two Fatalities

The bus was carrying 32 people and all of the passengers have "some kind of injury," according to officials. Updated 11:28 AM: officials say that two are dead and three others are critically injured.

El Nuevo Herald, Roberto Koltun / AP

Emergency personnel attend to injured passengers after a bus accident at Miami International Airport on Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012 in Miami.

Airport spokeman Greg Chin says that the bus was too tall for the entrance to the arrivals area, which has a clearance of 8 feet 6 inches. Buses are typically directed to go through the departures area instead. The privately-owned bus is typically used for tours, but police said the passengers were local residents. The driver was unfamiliar with the airport and did not intend to drive through the arrivals area, but it's not clear where the bus was ultimately headed. The bus was going 20 mph and carrying 32 passengers when it smashed into the overpass.

Later on Saturday morning, officials confirmed that two people have died and three are critically injured.


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